South Lapland Airport (VHM)

South Lapland Airport (VHM)

The world's most quiet airport?
When you have landed and the aircraft engine has stopped, the silence is total. The mountain rises just next door. Maybe you hear a bird or the wind. Many are taken by the wild and beautiful surroundings. South Lapland (municipalities Vilhelmina, Dorotea, Åsele and Strömsund) are as large as Belgium, but with only 25,000 inhabitants. Here there are deep forests, 10,000 lakes and 150 mountain peaks that extend more than 1000 meters above sea level. The area contains four mountain areas with lifts, rich culture and 4000 kilometres of snowmobile trails. Here are discoveries every mood.

From Vilhelmina we fly to Arlanda Airport Monday – Friday, twice a day. We also offer one flight to Arlanda Airport on Sundays.

The flight duration between South Lapland Airport and Arlanda Airport is about 2 hours and 15 minutes long, a stopover takes place at Lycksele Airport.

South Lapland Airport is located 12 km from the town Vilhelmina.

Contact To contact South Lapland Airport call +46 (0) 940 - 398 88