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Örnsköldsvik Airport

Örnsköldsvik Airport (HMV)

Welcome to the magnificent Örnsköldsvik Höga Kusten!

In Örnsköldsvik and Höga Kusten there is much to see and experience. Whether you are here to explore our magnificent nature and its endless adventure possibilities, discover the archipelago or enjoy the city's offerings - Höga Kusten has something for everyone. Here you will find Sweden's only pure natural world heritage and the world's largest land uplift since the last ice age. But also a strong community and inspiring meetings between people from all over the world.

The largest city in Höga Kusten, Örnsköldsvik, is welcomingly located between the mountains and with the bay in direct connection to the city center. In the city center you will find large and small shops, well-known chains and three malls. Oskargallerian is one of Nothern Swedens largest malls. Along the pedestrian streets there are several specialized local shops - which offer a wide range of branded goods and local handicraft products. Stop and eat something good among the city's many restaurants, cafes and bars. Also take the opportunity to stroll around in one of Örnskölsvik's beautiful parks or the popular inner harbor. There you will find, for example, restaurants, Kulturfabriken and the Hans Hedberg Museum in Arken.

If you are interested in the outdoors, you will find a large selection of hiking trails, nature reserves and viewpoints. Put on real shoes and discover Örnsköldsvik on foot. From the top of Varvsberget you have, for example, a fantastic view of the harbor, the coast and the city. The almost 130 km long Höga Kusten trail also passes here and Hörnsjöns nature reserve is a stone's throw away. The 6 km long Gula trail is another popular hiking trail close to the city. A visit to Naturkompaniet is a must for those interested in the outdoors. The large outlet contains both exciting outdoor products and a large fishing shop.

High Coast Art Valley

The High Coast Art Valley is, as the name describes, an art valley in the High Coast. You can find the art at schools, in cultural areas or completely independently. It is placed by the Nätterlund Memorial Fund. Together, the many works of art form a cultural trail that stretches from the Ulvöarna up along the Nätraälven valley. Along the way, in addition to art and culture, you will also experience magnificent nature experiences. Kulturdalens center consists of Herrgårdsparken in Köpmanholmen.

Architecture meets nature

ArkNat is a combination of architecture and nature where architects from Scandinavia are invited to create unique "works of art" in nature that are reminiscent of traditional windbreaks. The creations are located along the Höga Kusten trail and you will find several of them in the Örnsköldsvik area. For more tips and inspiration, visit During the summer you have the opportunity to take part in guided city walks and for the little ones, the Treasure Hunt is arranged in Örnparken and Museiparken. For more fast-paced experiences, there is the experience and spa bath Paradiset with one of the country's longest rush canoes, Magic Eye. The Fjällräven Center, one of Sweden's finest event arenas, houses the home team MODO Hockey. The arena is an important meeting place and has hosted many major events.

Höga Kusten shaped by the forces of nature

For 20,000 years, the forces of nature have shaped a dramatic landscape with the world's highest coastline. Here the mountains fall straight into the depths of the sea in a way that makes you breathless. The land uplift makes Höga Kusten unique in the world and since 2000 Höga Kusten has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The world record is measured at the top of Skuleberget, where the coastline has gone 286 meters higher than today's sea level. Today, land uplift continues at 8 mm per year. Hike up to the top of Skuleberget - where a magnificent view of the world heritage awaits. For the adventurous, climbing in Europe's largest Via Ferrata facility is recommended. At the foot of Skuleberget is Naturum Höga Kusten where you can take part in the land uplift's marvelous geological and cultural history and beautiful nature.

Ulvön – Höga Kustens largest fishing village

If you want to discover Höga Kustens archipelago, a trip to Ulvön or Trysunda is recommended. Well-preserved boathouses, residential houses and yeast banks in combination with a very beautiful nature make Ulvön a popular destination. Walk along Hamngatan and enjoy the authenticity and wonderful community that prevails. Here, among other things, a good selection of accommodation, restaurants and cafés coexist. For over 100 years, sour herring has been produced on Ulvön, today the production is small-scale, but of course you can now enjoy a flatbread sandwich with sour herring on the island. Ulvö old chapel was built in 1622 and is considered to be Ångermanlands oldest dated wooden building. A tip is to explore other parts of the island such as Sandviken or Fjären. Then camp on a cliff and enjoy a peaceful moment in the world heritage.

Skags cape - the northernmost part of the world heritage

Just north of Örnsköldsvik is the fishing village Skeppsmalen with pilot plastic, chapel and genuine boathouses. At the far end of the sea band, on the cliffs of Skagsudde, stands Skags lighthouse. Explore the area via beautiful hiking trails and enjoy the magnificent views from the northernmost site in the World Heritage High Coast

Warm encounters with products and people

Whether you are here on holiday or work, we hope you have a wonderful stay in Örnsköldsvik and Höga Kusten. Take the chance and explore the host heritage and all the experiences it provides. We also want to highlight the genuine and warm encounters with products and people that Höga Kusten has to offer. Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have with burning interest opened various businesses that put Hlga Kusten on the map. At you will find more tips on experiences and activities.

Höga Kusten - always one more level