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Roll out of Fokker 50 LCD

An unofficial presentation for customers and staff of Amapola Flyg AB latest addition to the fleet, was held the 10th of March 2015 in Amapola hangar at Malmö Airport. Read more...


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scheduled and ad-hoc freight and pax

Amapola operates a fleet of 12 freighters and 2 Passsenger Aircraft.           
The freigter has a capacity of 7 tonnes and 56 cubic meters freight.            
The Fokker 50 is a true working horse and very suitable for any type of operations, climate and weather.           
Amapola also operates freighters with Large Cargo door - especially suitable for loading of pallets and large loose cargo.

The range is 900nm with full load and 1400 nautical miles with 5 tons load. 

For price offer: Contact us   Mail till charter@amapola.nu 

Passenger Charter

Amapola also operates 2 Passenger version Fokker 50 with fresh cabin interiors. 

We can produce missions och short or long terms committments. We also offer Ad hoc charter for specific needs whether they migh be event charter, company charter, sportscharter or any need. Regardless of You needs Amapola will deliver a good quality product at at competitive price.           
The Aircraft is suitable for most destinations in Europe. With a PAX capacity of 50 Passengers the range is 1200 nautical miles.           
For price offer: Contact us   Mail till paxcharter@amapola.nu        
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