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Roll out of Fokker 50 LCD

An unofficial presentation for customers and staff of Amapola Flyg AB latest addition to the fleet, was held the 10th of March 2015 in Amapola hangar at Malmö Airport. Read more...


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Flight Crew

Currently , there is no recruitment. When there is a need for flight crew , Amapola will publish recruitment information on this website and in other media as required.

There are lots of inquiries and applications Regarding employment as flight crew in Amapola . We do not have the Possibility to reply and contact each one of you . However , your application , if late, will be Evaluated and Compared to our minimum requirements . If it is Fulfilling our minimum requirements as Listed below we eill keep your application into a file and , if And when there is an opportunityf for employment we will evaluate and contact you for further information. Your application is not a guarantee for employment nor any contact from us .

The minimum requirement for the flight crew in Poppy :

Qualifications for Commander

It is the responsibility of the Director Flight Operations to accept or reject a candidate as commander.

He shall try to use all available means and sources to form his own opinion about the candidate. He shall consult the Chief Pilot, the Line Flying Instructors, Line Check Instructors and the Crew Training Manager if the candidate is already within the company. He shall make his decision in co-operation with the Chief Pilot. As a further aid in judging the candidate the Director Flight Operations may have a suitability test performed by a psychological institute chosen by Amapola.
As a rule the following limits have been set for commanders on F 50.

-Total time 2500 H

-Time on FAR 25 turbine A/C 1500 H
1500 H Multi-engine A/C
-Two year operational experience within the Company and on the A/C

Qualifications for Co pilot


-JAR CPL with frozen ATPL theory or JAR ATPL.
500 hrs total time.
250 hours flying time on multi-engine aeroplanes
-100 hrs Pilot in command
-Valid MCC or fulfil the requirement for multi crew.
-JAR Class 1 medical.
-Scandinavian language and english language proficiency minimum level 5

2. Qualification Cabin Crew

Company requirements for qualification as Cabin Crew member:


Completion and approved Company Initial Training and Conversion Training according    to OM-D including the contents in OM-A, OM-B and CCM

Medical Examination or assessment at regular intervals.

Completed recurrent training and test every 12 month

Performed Security Training within the last 36 months.
- Valid drivers license

Line Check,every 12 month.

Minimum 21 years of age. By special permission from DO, 20 years is acceptable.

In possession of crew attestation proving OPS initial training.


Your application must be late to us on the Following email address : pilotrecruitment@amapola.nu



Employment form

Your name
Date of birth
Family relation
Language 1

Language 2

Language 3

Flight time - Single Engine Piston
Flight time - Multi Engine Piston
Flight time - Multi Engine Turbin
Flight time - Multi Crew
Total time
Education 1, between (month/year-month/year)
Type of flight
Education 2, between (month/year-month/year)
Type of flight
Education 3, between (month/year-month/year)
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